Where managing contacts, tracking sales, and analyzing interactions blend seamlessly in your CRM.

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How Zweelie CRM Works

Zweelie CRM enables you to efficiently manage customer relationships, streamline communications, organize contacts, track sales progress, and analyze customer interactions for actionable insights. Enhance your CRM experience today!

1 - Organize

Effortlessly organize customer data

• Build tables and rows effortlessly

• Customize columns and CRM views

Link data across tables seamlessly

• Create forms for easy data collection

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2 - Elevate

Enhance customer connections

• Edit customer data

• Take notes

• Create integrated tasks

• Compose emails using your mail client

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3 - Unlock

Unlock full potential

• Organize rows and columns

• Apply filters

• Import CSV data

• Export or print data

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Boost your CRM experience with powerful tools.

Manage data

• Unlimited team members

• Unlimited spaces for organizing data

• Flexible, customizable tables with unlimited columns and rows

• Advanced filtering options

• Customizable column types

• Column resizing capability

• Import CSV data functionality

• Use columns and rows from one table as a data source in another within the same space

• Export data in CSV and Excel formats

• Print table data

• Create notes

• Compose emails to addresses in a row

• Unlimited forms with automatic data entry into the associated table

• Create tasks that appear in the tasks product and in the CRM table row, associated with that row


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7 day free trial available. No credit card required.

Use cases

Zweelie CRM streamlines customer relationship management for entrepreneurs, agencies, sales teams, and service providers, ensuring every interaction is organized and impactful.

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