Empowering entrepreneurs, building the future of work

Transforming the landscape of business through innovation, giving
entrepreneurs the tools of the future while reshaping business efficiency.

Creating value for business owners

Our founder Alex Hanna’s path from filmmaker to coder showcases his dedication to creating practical tech solutions. Curiosity led him to explore coding during college, sparking a journey into app development.

Despite the skeptics, Alex's determination only grew stronger.

He set out to teach himself, refining his coding skills with one goal in mind: to reinvent how businesses operate by creating a platform that brings together everything entrepreneurs need, simply and efficiently.

Zweelie is the result of Alex's vision, offering a system that makes running a business smoother and more intuitive, without the hassle of juggling multiple tools. His commitment to seamless product integration is changing the way business owners manage their operations. With Zweelie, Alex is making his vision a reality, transforming the business landscape and providing entrepreneurs with the tools for success. Keep an eye out for the latest on how Zweelie is advancing the world of business.

Innovating the
future of work

At Zweelie, our mission is to empower entrepreneurs, transform business, and reshape the future of work through innovative solutions that integrate tools, foster collaboration, and place data at the center of every operation.