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Why Zweelie?

Unlike others, Zweelie gives creators multiple tools while allowing them to make more money - all for free.
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What is Zweelie?

Zweelie values photographers, videographers, sound designers, musicians, and digital artists. We provide a networking platform that empowers you to create and focus on what you do best while making money.

With Zweelie you can:

  • licence content through one-time fees and subscriptions.
  • Increase engagement by networking with others while building your audience.
  • Get hired for contract work while managing your clients inside of Zweelie.
Is Zweelie free?

Yes, Zweelie is 100% free for everyone. Sign up now and create your free account.

Why do creators use Zweelie?

We pride ourselves on our community, allowing you to network, get hired for work, gain inspiration, increase your fan base, and monetize your content.

Do I have to license every content I upload to my Zweelie profile?

No you do not. You may choose whether or not you want to license your content.

Why should I use Zweelie instead of other licensing platforms?

We help you get away from the high fees, upload limits, and restrictions on withdrawals that other platforms impose and let you take more control over your earnings. You choose how you want to monetize your talent and while building your own audience. Explore your opportunities with Zweelie today.

How much can I earn with Zweelie?

The possibilities are endless! Take home 95% of your sales made through Zweelie.

By uploading quality content and sharing your portfolio with other social platforms, you increase your chances of making a sale.

What kind of content can I upload to my Zweelie profile?

We accept videos, music, digital art, and photos.

As long as you hold the copyright to the content and it meets our specifications, you can upload it to Zweelie.

Zweelie accepts artistic nudity, however content that depicts sexual activity, or is of pornographic or violent nature will be rejected.

I signed up, now what?

Thank you for your interest. Zweelie is currently in private beta. Please be on the look out for an email from us when we are ready to welcome you to Zweelie.

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